About Us
A place to grow whatever your age or race
At Surfside Christian Church
we want people to know they matter.  

No matter your age or walk of life, we will walk with you.
What we believe:

Becoming the Family Church at the Family Beach.​​

Connecting Faith, Families, Friends and Futures in Christ One Person at a Time.

Matt & Angel Thompson originally come from Ohio; what they classify as the  Midwest, not North. However, ask their son, who has Autism and Tourettes where they are from and he is quick to say "The North".  They have two wonderful children in their teens.  Both are on the Autism Spectrum and full of life and sarcasm.

Matt attended Johnson University when it was still Johnson Bible College.  He has over 20 years in the ministry beginning as a youth minister, leading to senior minister and church planter.

Angel attended Grace College, Grace Theological Seminary and Grace Graduate School of Counseling in Winona Lake, IN.  She has over 20 years in the ministry where she has served as a missionary, counselor, college professor and Deaf interpretor.  Together, she and Matt also provide marriage counseling, seminars and walk with people through life.

Matt Thompson
Senior Minister
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Angel Thompson
Director of Music
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​Ellen Stone
Church Secretary
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Larry Stone:  Elder

Phil Vasser: Elder

Bruce Massey
Youth Leader